Divided Government is Better Government Justin linked to my blog a week or so ago, and invited me to contribute posts to Donklephant. As a reader and occasional commenter, I appreciate the invitation and am delighted to participate. I thought I’d first introduce myself, and will post something with some actual content tomorrow.

In my profile, I identify myself as a social liberal, fiscal conservative, deficit hawk, Reagan Democrat, disgruntled Republican, libertarian leaning independent, bad golfer, decent fisherman, serial abalone killer, Cub fan.

I have been blogging for about a year at “Divided We Stand, United We Fall.” The title is from a Thomas Jefferson letter to Dr. Jacob De La Motta sent in 1820:

“…It excites in him the gratifying reflection that his country has been the first to prove to the world two truths, the most salutary to human society, that man can govern himself, and that religious freedom is the most effectual anodyne against religious dissension: the maxim of civil government being reversed in that of religion, where its true form is “divided we stand, united, we fall.”

Jefferson was, or course, specifically referring to religous diversity and tolerance with that phrase. I’ve co-opted it in the service of promoting divided government on my blog. I don’t think Jefferson would mind.

Most, but not all, of my posts are political (unless the Bears or Cubs are in the playoffs), and usually promoting a divided government political philosophy : The objective of careful, limited, fiscally responsible federal government, can be accomplished at the ballot box. Not by voting exclusively Republican, Democrat or 3rd party, but by voting consistently for Divided Government.

I think my politics are complementary to the political philosophy at Donklephant, but will admit to being suspicious of calls for comity and “bipartisanship.” I just think our government works much better when the two major parties each have control of a branch of government and are continually at each other’s throats. It’s a good thing.

To that end, I supported a straight Democratic ticket in the 2006 mid-terms, and will support a Republican for President in 2008. My current favorite is Chuck Hagel, but not sure what I’ll do if he goes independent (just read Justin’s post).

I guess that should do it for now. Thanks again Justin, and looking forward to playing in your sandbox. – mw

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