Oh, the tide is turning…

Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters points out that the hate crimes bill that Bush was going to veto because it included federal protections for the GLBT community garners support from a majority of conservative voters. At least, so says Gallup.

On a side note, watch how Ed seems to know that his audience is made up of far right wingers:

The response to the question will surprise many here at CQ. Sixty percent of Republicans favored the expansion, and 57% of self-described conservatives backed it as well. In fact, all of the religious demographics favored it — by even higher numbers. Catholics, for example, backed it 72%, while 65% of Protestants supported the expansion. Atheists and all other religious affiliations gave 3-1 support for the new law.

Yes, in the real world people are much more tolerant and they’d like to have an extra level of protection for groups who’ve been targets of violence simply because of who they are.

Imagine that.

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