Randy Moody is a lifelong Republican and a nationally recognized volunteer leader within Planned Parenthood. He is a Washington attorney and lobbyist who is a Vietnam veteran and was a top aide to three Republican members of Congress and a Republican governor. Active in the Republican Party, he has been a county chairman, member of a state party executive committee, delegate to a Republican National Convention and candidate for lieutenant. governor in his home state, Nebraska. Active in Planned Parenthood at the national level, he has served on Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s board of directors, the board of its political arm, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and on its Political Action Committee. At the local level, he has been a Planned Parenthood affiliate board president and an escort for women seeking abortions at the clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska.

For too long, moderate Republicans have been silenced by party leadership who has pandered to the far right wing. The bullyboy braying of talk radio hosts and self-righteous right-wingers have cowed Republican candidates into acting against their political instincts while the base of the party has been shrinking and shrinking. While expounding the “big tent” theory of party building, leaders of the party were really constructing an outhouse.

How are the real party faithful now handling a presidential candidate who says abortion is a woman’s choice and not something that the government should be involved in? Why, they have put him in the lead! Should we be surprised? Certainly not. Those of us Republicans who have hung in there, not become independents, and withstood the torments of the intolerant are the real base of the Republican Party. We know that traditional Republican principles do not include sanctioning government intrusion into the bedroom or encouraging extremists to tell us whether or when we can become parents. Real Republican ideals include limited government, personal responsibility, individual freedom â€â€? and choice.

Some seem startled that Republicans support Planned Parenthood. But why should people be surprised? Hundreds of thousands of Republicans are donors to and volunteers, leaders and patients of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organization that for 90 years has enabled Americans to make choices about the size of their families and their sexual and reproductive health. As an advocate in Congress, the state legislatures and the courts, it has worked to protect those individual choices from government interference. Planned Parenthood has long been protecting traditional Republican values.

So now, with this pro-choice candidate in the Republican mix, there seems to be an opportunity for a sea change in the Republican Party. A candidate for president who respects traditional Republican values, separation of church and state, and a woman’s right to choose is leading the pack and energizing the real “base.”

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