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Bush: Gonzales Is My Man + Thought Crimes


The President’s credibility continues to shrink as he defends Gonzales even more by attacking Democrats.

Wash Post:

President Bush said yesterday that Democrats in Congress are engaging in “pure political theater” by preparing resolutions of no confidence in Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, and he repeated his support for his embattled aide and longtime friend.

Bush told reporters at his ranch near Crawford, Tex., that the attorney general “has done nothing wrong” in the dismissals of nine U.S. attorneys last year.

“I stand by Al Gonzales, and I would hope that people would be more sober in how they address these important issues,” Bush said. “And they ought to get the job done of passing legislation, as opposed to figuring out how to be actors on the political theater stage.”

Well, then a lot of GOPers are part of this theater too, like Arlen Specter, Norm Coleman, Chuck Hagel, etc. This has become a bi-parisan issue, and the GOP wants Gonzales out quickly. He’s a joke and he’s hurting Republican credibility.


…Since we’ve been talking about supposed “thought crimes” around the hate crimes legislation, let’s focus on a rule concerning intellectual property which Gonzales is proposing. Why? Well, it actually DOES sound like a thought crime.

From CNET:

* Criminalize “attempting” to infringe copyright. Federal law currently punishes not-for-profit copyright infringement with between 1 and 10 years in prison, but there has to be actual infringement that takes place. The IPPA would eliminate that requirement. (The Justice Department’s summary of the legislation says: “It is a general tenet of the criminal law that those who attempt to commit a crime but do not complete it are as morally culpable as those who succeed in doing so.”)