An interesting post over at The Moderate Voice caught my attention today. It’s about the scars that war leaves behind…the scars that nobody can see.

From Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés:

You hear it a lot: Men and women soldiers went to war. When they came home, they would not often speak of what they’d done and seen.

Many in media have tried to lionize entire generations of vets for ‘not speaking,’ remaining silent, ‘stiff upper lip…’ These were touted as signs of character. ** And they can be in certain instances.

But for many vets who seldom told their war stories, the media’s enchantment with ‘the strong silent type’ as an ideal of perfect manhood, amounted to a broad misinterpretation: Silence equals stoic strength. This distortion overshadowed the greater and far finer underlying psychological motives for many vets ‘not speaking.’

Do read the whole thing.