That’s the rumor being floated by Free Market News.

Even more shades of Dean…

Congressman Ron Paul’s donations have moved up – not by hundreds of thousands – but by millions as a result of his debate performances and groundswell of support on the Internet and in New Hampshire, observers close to the campaign say.

Now observers close to the campaign are revealing – with some astonishment – that donations to the campaign in recent weeks have pushed the total up to perhaps $4 or $5 million.

“That’s a huge number at this stage,� says one observer. “That starts to put him in a position where he can compete – state by state, anyway – with the major candidates.�

And this source added, “Of course, it’s hard to tell because the numbers keep changing – and thus nobody at the campaign has a firm count, at least not hour to hour. But the numbers are big. It’s definitely over three, probably over four, and if it hasn’t hit five yet, it will soon.�

On a sidenote, I was at one of Kansas City’s public libraries just a day ago and I saw a “Ron Paul Revolution” bumper sticker on a car. Seems insignificant, but that’s the first sticker I’ve seen for a Republican candidate. To me it’s just another small sign that his supporters are starting to self organize because they feel like they can make a difference. And that’s a very powerful thing in a change election.


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