Greetings! Justin gave me a nice little welcome just a few days ago, but for all those like myself with poor memories, I’ll remind you. My name is Kevin Sullivan, I am the Assistant Editor at RealClearBlogs, and I also have my own little blog.

So anyway, in addition to his kind words, Justin has graciously invited me to join the blogging community here at Donklephant. I am very grateful for this, and I’m happy to be on board with the moderate blogging community here. For my inaugural post, I’d actually like to open it up to the floor and discuss the Hamas takeover in Gaza this week. Justin shared with us some of the arguments playing out right now, but when the dust settles, where does that leave us? Will any of the conventional “solutions” for the conflict, such as a two-state plan, ever be feasible?

I believe the conflict in the Gaza Strip this week, along with many of the problems we’ve witnessed, can be pinned directly on the United Nations. While some view this as a failue of Bush foreign policy, none seem to recall that it’s the UN that has repeatedly legitimized the use of force in the Palestinian territories. They turned Arafat the terrorist into Arafat the statesman. They, as Captain Ed observed, created a two-state solution that never truly existed.

For there to be a solution, Israel needs a peaceable partner. At the moment, they do not have one. Please read the rest of my thoughts on this, and explain what you think might be next for the heartsick among us.

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