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20 Independents Could Mount Prez Campaign?


That’s what Reed Hundt is saying over at TPM Cafe:

For these reasons, among others, an independent Presidential candidate hasn’t had this good a chance since Teddy Roosevelt ran as the Bull Moose candidate. Congress and the President are running neck and neck for the public’s disfavor, which speaks of a very widespread impulse to “throw the bums out.” The Party nominees will be picked by February, leaving plenty of time for them to be challenged by an independent. The country is ready to pick someone who can run on the following platform: get out of Iraq (not leave 50,000 troops for 50 years), open the vertically integrated carbon-based energy industry to green entrepreneurship, reform the tax system by moving to tax consumption and not income, balance the budget, turn illegals into citizens and also close the border, give everyone high quality health care, pay teachers for performance not seniority only, give all workers wage insurance to mitigate globalization’s impacts.

Perhaps you, readers, may not like this platform. I’m just predicting what would put an independent into a position to win — provided that the independent could spend $300m out of his/her own pocket on the campaign. There are probably 20 people who could mount this race.

Well, I know of Bloomberg, but who are the other 19?

(h/t: Ben Smith)