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Presidential Candidates Weekend Schedule (06/23/07-06/24/07)

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Last full weekend to fundraise before the 2nd quarter deadline…if you want to know what each of the candidate’s is doing this weekend, here’s a summary of their scheduled events…

Barack Obama

  • Obama has a fundraiser tonight in New York City, gives a speech at the Synod of the United Church of Christ tomorrow in Hartford, fundraises tomorrow night in Massachusetts, and campaigns and fundraises Sunday in Texas.
  • Bill Richardson

  • Richardson campaigns tonight and tomorrow in Iowa, gives a speech tomorrow in Tennessee, and fundraises on Sunday in California.
  • Chris Dodd

  • Dodd is spending the weekend campaigning in New Hampshire.
  • Dennis Kucinich

  • Kucinich had an AFL-Cio event scheduled for tomorrow, but it’s unclear if that has been rescheduled. He is in California this weekend for the US Mayors Conference while his wife Elizabeth is in Texas and Missouri.
  • Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton has a fundraiser tonight scheduled in California at the house of Roland Emmerich (director of the Day After Tomorrow and Indepenence Day). Bill Clinton is scheduled to fundraise for her tomorrow, also in southern California.
  • John Edwards

  • John Edwards has a fundraiser scheduled in New York City (in a smaller venue than Barack Obama’s, for what its worth) and he and Elizabeth are both campaigning tomorrow in Nevada.
  • Duncan Hunter

  • Duncan Hunter has a fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow morning in San Diego.
  • John McCain

  • John McCain fundraises all weekend, first in Long Island, and then in Pennsylvania on Sunday.
  • Mike Huckabee

  • Mike Huckabee is in South Carolina this weekend campaigning and giving a speech regarding the Fair Tax.
  • Mitt Romney

  • Mitt Romney is out west this weekend, fundraising with occasional public appearances in Utah, Idaho, and Montana.
  • Rudy Guiliani

  • Giuliani has appearances scheduled for Florida today.
  • Tom Tancredo

  • Tom Tancredo has appearances scheduled tonight and tomorrow in New Hampshire, and on Sunday he will be in Iowa.
  • Tommy Thompson

  • Tommy Thompson is in Iowa tomorrow for some appearances.
  • For a complete, up-to-date candidate schedules feel free to check out’s campaign calendars