I don’t usually cuss on this blog, but seriously…holy shit. That’s a massive number. Crazy big.

From CNN:

Presidential contender Sen. Barack Obama announced Sunday his campaign raised at least $32.5 million in the second quarter, the highest amount ever raised by a Democratic candidate, topping the first quarter fund-raising and exceeding predictions from rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign for her take in the same period.

In a statement, Obama’s campaign they received money from over 154,000 donors in the quarter, up from 104,000 donors they cited in the first quarter. The campaign said it raised “at least� $31 million in the second quarter in primary money, and a total counting general election funds of $32.5 million.

And Hillary…well…

Last week, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said he expected Clinton bring in $27 million this quarter, but they have not announced their numbers since the period ended. Last quarter, Clinton raised $26 million, with $19 million in primary dollars.

It’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, but 32.5 Million? Whoa.

I will say this…Dems are super hungry for the White House so if somebody wants to make a 3rd Party run, they better be extremely well funded and have some really big ideas…otherwise they’ll pull very few from the Dem’s side.

Business Obama: The 32.5 Million Dollar Man