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Terrorism and the Law Enforcement Fallacy

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This past weekend’s thwarted terrorist plot in the UK clarified several things for us regarding the War on Islamic extremism. For starters, we should be grateful to see that religious fervor doesn’t entitle one to competence. Also, when a collection of M.D.’s are loading up cars with shrapnel and gasoline, it might be time to retire the exhausted notion that poverty and poor education are necessarily catalysts for terrorism.

This would of course require looking the actual problem directly in the proverbial eye, which is positively unacceptable to many on the isolationist Left. Many of the usual suspects have chimed in, and the Netroots consensus appears to be that attempted murder isn’t really a big deal. Attempted terrorism really isn’t a big deal. According to them, this is ideally how terrorism should be addressed–one little isolated incident at a time. After all, the British stopped it, right? This is good police work, which is how the war on terrorism should really be fought, correct?

So as for that terrorist attack in Yemen? Call the police. Those bomb makers in Thailand? That’s a matter for the authorities. Oh, and a few cars loaded with gas and nails? Fetch the constable! After all, the best way to combat terrorism is to simply have strong law enforcement.

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