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Robert Novak Talks About Plame Leak


And he details how the conversation with Richard Armitage went down.

From SunTimes:

I then asked Armitage a question that had been puzzling me but, for the sake of my future peace of mind, would better have been left unasked.

Why would the CIA send Joseph Wilson, not an expert in nuclear proliferation and with no intelligence experience, on the mission to Niger?

“Well,” Armitage replied, “you know his wife works at CIA, and she suggested that he be sent to Niger.” “His wife works at CIA?” I asked. “Yeah, in counterproliferation.”

He mentioned her first name, Valerie. Armitage smiled and said: “That’s real Evans and Novak, isn’t it?” I believe he meant that was the kind of inside information that my late partner, Rowland Evans, and I had featured in our column for so long. I interpreted that as meaning Armitage expected to see the item published in my column.

The exchange about Wilson’s wife lasted no more than sixty seconds.

Given this, it really seems like Armitage should have been dealt with much more harshly. It doesn’t matter if you ignorantly expose a CIA agent or not…a crime was still committed.

In any event, this is an interesting new addition on a story that just doesn’t seem to want to die.