For those of you who’ve seen the oustanding documentary Street Fight, which covers the insanely dirty mayoral race of 2002 in Newark, NJ, you’ll probably be happy to see that Sharpe James is finally being held accountable.

The AP has more…

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  1. This guy was an absolute crook. You have to be careful about documentary shows that a depict a story in a certain light though. Although I learned about this guy through that documentary the evidence began to grow and grow until it was pretty self evident that this guy really was a bad apple.

    Sharpe James reminds me very much about what I’ve read concerning the mob era and unionist leaders on the take. Democracies shouldn’t be ran by the use of intimidation and bribery, that’s the antipode of democracy. I’m glad to see this guy will have to answer for his actions, or will he? So many times I have seen the most rotten people get away with the most clearly illegal and corrupt behavior, simply because they are rich or have political connections. It’s very frustrating and sad at the same time.

    I remember a young mulatto man was running against this guy in the documentary and he ended up losing, probably because of Sharpe’s manipulation of the elections. One can only wonder why the good-hearted, well intentioned people like the young man lose elections time after time and people like Sharpe James get re-elected time after time.

  2. That is just awesome! justice finally prevailed. Hopefully Booker is a man of his word and works to create a better Newark, that city has had a rough history.


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