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Dems Lead Money Game By Over $100 Million


But it’s not just about money. The Dems wouldn’t be able to raise so much if they didn’t have a ton more people contributing than the Repubs.

And to that point…

One Democratic presidential candidate, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, says he has a quarter-million contributors, more than the top three Republican candidates combined — though Mr. Obama’s numbers may be inflated by the fact that his campaign counts as “donors” people who buy T-shirts or other campaign merchandise, something other campaigns don’t generally do.

Yes, combined. And something tells me that those who buy t-shirts are also kicking in some campaign cash too.

Here are some more numbers to put the “contributor” game in perspective…

Only half of Mr. Obama’s donors have hit the giving limit for the primaries; about a quarter have given him less than $200, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that analyzes campaign contributions.

By contrast, about two-thirds of those contributing to the campaign of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani have already hit their maximum; just 8% have given less than $200.


And I’ve heard that a fair amount of Dems are holding out for Gore to run, so once it’s clear that he won’t (and trust me, he won’t), expect those million or so contributors to choose between Hill and Barack. Sorry John, I think you’re still running for VP.

The question remains how do the Repubs get more contributors? Well, they’re going have to find a yet untapped base of supporters and that means they’re going to have to get more moderate and try to convince Independents that they’re different than the Bush administration. But that’s unlikely because all of these candidates are betting that continuing Bush’s foreign policy will bring the voters in, and Independents are just about as done with that policy as Dems are. Another hazard for candidates…if they change positions at this point, well, that would be flip-flopping. And we all know how much Republicans hate that.

I wonder how many contributors Ron Paul has…