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Last thoughts on Dem debate.


Hey, better late than never. I was live blogging the live bloggers during the debate on DWSUWF Monday night, but decided to spare Donklephant readers the real-time experience. You can thank me later. After a couple of days reflection and surveying the blogosphere, I distilled my conclusions into a more digestible form. Concluding thoughts:

Justin asked about our favorite YouTube debate question. Instead, I’ll offer the one that pissed me off:

Overall, I thought CNN and Anderson Cooper did a great job. But CNN selected this guy to represent the legitimate 2nd Amendment concerns of many Americans. Tell me there wasn’t a better choice to ask this question. Tell me why CNN selected this whackjob. I am a gun owner and an outdoorsman, and my concerns were not represented by him. This legitimate question was given short shrift as result of CNN’s selection. This is the weakness of the format. YouTube submitters will ask questions in a manner that would not be considered acceptable by a professional journalist. That makes it more interesting. But bias can be inserted by the selection of more extreme and off the wall YouTube videos, to a degree that is not possible with professional questioners. A great deal of attention should be focused on how videos are selected, and who does the the selection.

excerpted from Divided We Stand United We Fall