I would personally benefit from something like this, but what about the people who can’t afford health care?

From the NY Times:

In his speech here, he excoriated Democrats for advocating a “socialist” solution to solving the problem of the nation’s 44.8 million uninsured, saying the party’s candidates encouraged a “nanny government” by proposing a greater government role in health care.

Instead, he proposed tax exemptions of up to $15,000 per family, allowing individuals to direct that money toward the purchase of health insurance and other medical spending. He also said he opposed any government mandates that would require people or businesses to buy insurance, which is central to the universal health care plan neighboring Massachusetts passed in April 2006 when Mitt Romney, a Republican rival, was governor there.

And to help the poor or others struggling to afford health insurance, Mr. Giuliani said he would support vouchers and tax refunds, but he gave no details about how he would pay for them.

Vouchers? So is Rudy saying he’d pay for health care for people under a certain income level? Wouldn’t that just be the government footing the bill for a portion of the population who can’t pay? Not that I’m opposed to that, but this doesn’t sound as much like a health care plan as it does a tax break plan for people who can afford health care.

Come on Rudy…get serious and offer solutions, not tax breaks. The problem is not with the people who can already afford health care, and you know it.

Also, would you lay off the false partisan attacks on Dems?

“That is where Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are taking you,” he said. “You have got to see the trap. Otherwise we are in for a disaster. We are in for Canadian health care, French health care, British health care.”

Neither Clinton, Obama or Edwards offers anywhere CLOSE to nationalized, socialist health care plans. Hell, Romney’s health care plan is much more in line with Dems than it is with Rudy’s, except Romney doesn’t require businesses to pay for employees health care…he just requires everybody to buy health care.

Rudy says he’ll offer more specifics in the fall.

Let’s hope so because this “plan” is a joke.

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