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Two big events this weekend. Democratic candidates converge in Chicago for the YearlyKos Convention tomorrow, while Republicans have a debate Sunday morning in Des Moines.

Barack Obama

  • Obama addresses YearlyKos tomorrow, before heading to Atlanta for Women’s Awards Dinner for the SCLC. Sunday he has a fundraiser in Utah and a Town Hall Meeting in Nevada.

Bill Richardson

  • Richardson campaigns all weekend in Iowa, squeezing in an appearance at YearlyKos tomorrow afternoon.

Chris Dodd

  • Dodd’s wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, will campaign tomorrow and Sunday in Nevada, while Dodd himself appears at YearlyKos tomorrow afternoon.

Dennis Kucinich

  • Kucinich will also address the YearlyKos convention.

Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton has a slew of fundraisers lined up this weekend in the Hamptons on Long Island. Tomorrow morning she will address the National Organization of Police Organizations and the YearlyKos Convention before heading back to Long Island.

John Edwards

  • Edwards also addresses the YearlyKos Convention, before campaigning in Iowa on Sunday.

Mike Gravel

  • Gravel is also attending YearlyKos.

Duncan Hunter

  • Hunter is participating in the debate this Sunday in Iowa.

John McCain

  • McCain holds a town hall meeting Saturday in Iowa, and participates in the debate on Sunday.

Mike Huckabee

  • Huckabee campaigns in Iowa today and debates on Sunday.

Mitt Romney

  • Romney has some fundraisers scheduled for Maine today, before debating on Sunday morning and campaigning in Iowa the rest of the day.

Ron Paul

  • Paul has a campaign event scheduled in Pittsburgh today, before appearing at the debate on Sunday. His son is appearing at an event tomorrow in St. Louis.

Rudy Giuliani

  • Giuliani debates on Sunday morning and campaigns in Iowa the rest of the day.

Sam Brownback

  • Brownback is also participating in the debate.

Tom Tancredo

  • Tancredo has campaign events in Iowa tomorrow and Sunday sandwiched around the debate.

Tommy Thompson

  • Thompson also campaigning in Iowa this weekend, along with debating.

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