I don’t think it’s surprising, but many in the GOP do.

The Hill explores the trend…

Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), the anti-Iraq war candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and darling of the Internet, said his colleagues have taken notice that he has raised more money from active service members than any other GOP White House hopeful.

“Lots of military people turned out to be aware that our campaign got more donations from soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines than any other,” said Paul in a statement on his website. “Funny, that made a big impression in Congress too. Many of my colleagues were amazed and encouraged that you can be against this unconstitutional and disastrous war, and get military support.”

While campaign spokesman Jesse Benton did not name names, he said that “two southern Republicans” recently approached Paul. They noted that his success in getting money from members of the active military is “turning some heads.”

Could it be that since he wants all the soldiers to come home as soon as possible he’s getting the most donations from them?

Hmmm…maybe they want to come home?

Also, here’s an interview with him on FOX this weekend…

Part One

Part Two

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