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Huckabee Stealing Ron Paul's Thunder?

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The answer that question is yes…and also no…

See, for all intents and purposes, Saturday was a disappoinment for Ron Paul because Mike Huckabee got the spot where he wanted to be. And not only that, it turns out that Huck was indeed the defacto winner since he spent so little money and placed so high. Again, a spot that Paul desperately needed even though his supporters say 5th place was great for him.

So why did Huck win? It wasn’t because he siphoned off Paul’s supporters. There just weren’t enough Iowans to vault Paul to the 2nd place spot.

Instead, look to the social conservatives. You know, the faithful voters who elected George Bush twice. If they didn’t show up in Iowa Huck wouldn’t have had a chance, but he’s been very vocal about his faith and how it would color his presidency. And voters apparently responded.

Yes, it’s going to be a tough road for the GOP next year if the religious right stays home, and Huckabee may be an attractive candidate just for the fact that he can bring them back to the well one more time.

First, here’s a video about his win, courtesy of CBS and TheNewsRoom.

And then here’s a story about his appeal with the religious right…

This is going to be one interesting race. I still think Huckabee is a second tier candidate, but he’s definitely the front runner for a VP nod.

One last thought about Ron Paul…it would do him well to leave the GOP race immediately and start a 3rd party campaign. He doesn’t have much time, and if he wants to have an effect on the debate, he’ll jump ship soon. He could be a Perot type figure, who focuses the debate back of fiscal discipline and limited government.

The only question then is would that be good for Repubs or Dems?