In a recent post, I asked Ron Paul supporters 7 questions. I’ve written posts about Paul before, but I had no idea that I’d get such an overwhelming response. Over 80 Roniacs responded, and most answered all 7 questions.

The only problem? It’s a mammoth list, and most of you will never be able to see their answers. But since they spent the time commenting, I feel it’s only fair to organize and post their answers. We’ll have 7 posts in all.

Question 1: If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, who will you vote for?

  • Jim: I will write Ron Paul in as long as he is in the race.
  • Mike: probably still ron paul ;D
  • James Maynard: It depends – if he doesn’t win the nomination, I would hope he would run (preferably with Mike Gravel) on an I ticket (maybe Unity 08 if they can really deal with the ballot issues). If not, I’ll probably vote for the Libertarian candidate.
  • Spirit of ’76: If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I will still write him in when I vote. I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the current Democratic candidates, nor can I bring myself to vote for any of the other Republican candidates. Besides, if the Republican Party is so clueless that they reject the one candidate who can restore them to relevance, they don’t deserve my vote.
  • Chad: who will I vote for? well it depends on whom else gets the nomination, but it certainly will not be a republican. if its hillary on the democratic side i will write ron paul in anyway, lol. actually i will write him in regardless, why should some committee choose who we can vote for?
  • bbartlog: I’m not sure who I’ll support if Ron Paul doesn’t win. Most likely I’ll look at the third party offerings, but there are some Democrats I could support if third party efforts look needlessly quixotic. Staying home and drinking is also an option :-). There are no other Republicans I would be likely to vote for.
  • Jordan: Whoever the Democratic candidate is.
  • Ellis_Wyatt: Vote for RP as independent.
  • James Aragon: Someone not Mitt Romney or Benito Giuliani. Of course Ron Paul if he runs independent. Otherwise it is to be determined. Someone with libertarian values.
  • meatwad: If the nomination comes down as prescribed by big corporate media, then it won’t matter who I vote for unless there’s a viable 3rd party candidate.
  • Matt C: I’ll write in “Ron Paul” if I can. If not, most likely HRC.
  • Vicky: Ron Paul supporter are from all walks of life with a common bond of wanting to get back to the constitutional principals of the founding fathers. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents are finding Paul’s message of freedom and peace appealing. The Republican party is blessed to have him on thier ticket. The loyalty is to the man, not any party. Your question is unanswerable and not even worth considering.
  • Edward Keithly: I will most likely vote for the GOP nominee. If RP runs third party, I will probably vote for him.
  • meinaz: I will write him in. I had dropped out of national politics after 2004’s media-engineered lesser-of-two-evil election, only to be brought back by Paul. I don’t mind “wasting” my vote on someone whose views matches my own. At this point, a vote for a “Top Tier” Republican or Democrat is a vote for AIPAC policies. I don’t support AIPAC and subsequently won’t vote for their candidates.
  • Jeanette Doney: If Ron Paul does not win, I’ll write his name in.
  • Corey Cagle: I’ll either vote Libertarian or simply not vote, depending on who the LP nominates.
  • Dan Warner: I would write in Ron Paul. I refuse to throw my vote away on anyone else. I cannot vote for someone I don’ believe in. I don’t believe in any other candidate republican or democrat.
  • Buckwheat: Nobody. The rest sell influence openly.
  • Jonathan Bennett: Ron Paul.
  • NH: No one.
  • Aaron: If Obama wins the nomination, I may vote for him simply because of his age and the fact the he is an outsider (at this point). Although, I may not agree with his economic policies I will risk their discussion for a little honesty and an interesting tenure. […] I think he will be another Carter or Kennedy. He will not be too successful and will probably remain for only one term because if he like Carter or Kennedy remains an outsider and independent, he will be besieged by his own party as well as the obvious opposition. […] But this kind of paralysis in the executive would be healthy for our country.
  • John Campbell: The Libertarian nominee, unless Ron Paul is running on another ticket.
  • Doofus: I will sit out the 2008 general election and change my party registration.
  • Corky: Probably no one.
  • Jody: Any other candidate will result in the same old …, so I won’t bother to vote if Dr. Paul or someone like him is not available.
  • Scott: John Mccain.
  • PC: Ron Paul.
  • Iconoclast421: I’ll write his name in.
  • Lex: I was leaning to Bill Richardson as a backup candidate, but then he proposed expanding Medicare to age 55! I guess George Phillies is the backup plan now.

So then…conclusions?

Well, you all are definitely a loyal bunch. And to that point, I think my guess that Paul is pulling in a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise vote in this election ring true since the majority of people in this list say they’ll still vote for Paul or nobody is Paul doesn’t get the GOP nod.

What does this mean? Well, I think it certainly gives any more credence to the viability of a 3rd party run for Paul, so Roniacs…don’t discount that.

Again, thanks for all your responses everybody, seriously. And if I didn’t get your answer in this list, I hope to get it in the next one.

Stay tuned!

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