The former Virginia Governor is back in the news, and this time we’re hearing whispers about his chances for becoming…a VP?

From the prince of darkness…

Anticipating that Sen. Hillary Clinton will clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, some supporters are beginning to argue against her choosing her principal rival — Sen. Barack Obama — for vice president.

They maintain Obama provides no general election help for Clinton. As an African-American from Illinois, he represents an ethnic group and a state already solidly in the Democratic column.

This school of thought advocates a Southerner as Clinton’s running mate. The last time Democrats won a national election without a Southerner on the ticket was 1944. Prominent Democrats from the South are in short supply today. The leading prospect: former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner.

Yes, but let’s say Hillary does get the nomination and doesn’t pick Barack…would African Americans stay home out of disappointment?

In any event, it’s nice to hear Mark Warner back in the news. My guess, though, is that he has other plans.

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