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Gallup: 1% Veteran Support For Ron Paul


They may be giving his campaign money, but he only pulls 1% in the latest Gallup poll.

Who’s ahead of him? Duncan Hunter.

Duncan who?

Here’s the thing that I think a lot of you Paul supporters don’t get that even if that 1% is giving him money like crazy, that doesn’t mean it’ll translate into real world votes. Okay, maybe you all do get it, but Dean was the king of fundraising in 2004 and while it got him buzz, it didn’t get him elected.

So who is winning the popularity contest with vets? Why, Rudy of course. He’s still pulling support across the board, from both veteran and non-veteran. 64% in uniform give him high marks, while 54% of the civilian pop. likes what he has to say. Those are the highest numbers for either group.

The poll also shows that Hillary has pretty high negatives when it comes to the military:

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who is viewed much more negatively (59%) than positively (37%) by veterans. Clinton would seem to be at a decided disadvantage among veterans given that roughly 9 in 10 veterans in this sample are men.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact there aren’t more women in the group. I think people view her as wishy-washy like Kerry. They think she’ll say anything to get elected. That may not be the case, but that’s the perception and she’s going to have a hell of a time overcoming it.

Oddly enough, Barack polls highest among Dems in both the vet and non-vet categories, although his unfavorables are pretty high with vets. It’s to be expected since he was against the war from the start and is easily dismissed as anti-military in general. Again, that may not be the case, but he’s going to have to address that if he cares about this voting bloc.

More as it develops…

You’re intrepid reporter here, finding the facts so you don’t have to.

This time we have a poll from Iowa voters. Lots to go through, but the biggest news here is that Iowa Republicans want to get out of Iraq in 6 months by 51% to 39%. So you’d think that this would translate into more support for Ron Paul because he’s the only Republican anti-war candidate, right?

Well, it does, but only by 2% more than the Gallup poll:

Mitt Romney 31%
Fred Thompson 15%
Rudy Giuliani 13%
John McCain 8%
Mike Huckabee 8%
Newt Gingrich 3%
Ron Paul 3%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Sam Brownback 2%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Undecided 13%

At least he’s polling above Duncan “Who?” Hunter this time.

More things to pull from this? It seems like Huckabee got a slight bump because of the straw poll “win.” Last time this poll was taken he was at 5%. But Romney got the biggest bump from 23% to 31%. Maybe Mitt really was the winner of the straw poll and the Huckabee hype is just that….hype.