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It’s a slow weekend at the end of August, and the calendar is a bit slow.

Barack Obama

  • Obama campaigns in Tallahassee, FL today and Miami, FL tomorrow. Sunday he spends the morning in New Orleans before heading off to Lexington, KY for a kick off rally that evening.

Bill Richardson

  • Richardson campaigns all weekend in New ampshire, breaking only tomorrow morning to head down to New York to fundraise.

Dennis Kucinich

  • Kucinich spends tomorrow and Sunday in Maine, leading a protest tomorrow in Kennebunkport, and having a breakfast with LGBT members of the community on Sunday

Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton has several fundraisers scheduled this weekend in Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Bill Clinton will be making appearances in at least some of the fundraisers.

Joe Biden

  • Biden campaigns through Tuesday morning in Iowa.

John Edwards

  • Edwards and his wife wrap up their bus tour in New Hampshire Sunday. He does break this evening for a fundraiser in Massachusetts.

Fred Thompson

  • Fred Thompson addresses the Midwest Leadership Conference tomorrow.

Mike Huckabee

  • Huckabee fundraises in Indianapolis today before addressing the Midwest Leadership Conference this evening and the Southern Governor’s Association tomorrow. Sunday he has a fundraiser scheduled just outside of DC.

Mitt Romney

  • Romney addresses the Florida Medical Association this morning, and is the keynote speaker to the Midwest Leadership Conference this evening.

Ron Paul

  • Paul has an event scheduled in his district on Sunday to celebrate his birthday.

Rudy Giuliani

  • Giuliani is holding a forum on taxes tomorrow in New Hampshire in which his supporters former Mass. Gov. Paul Cellucci and Steve Forbes will take part.

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Politics Weekend Calendar Preview (August 24-26, 2007)