Hmm….could Dodd steal Richardson’s dark horse status? Here’s certainly been impressive in the debates and positions himself credibly as somebody who knows his stuff inside and out.

From Politico:

Chris Dodd’s campaign is set this week to announce a quite major labor endorsement: the International Association of Firefighters, according to a source familiar with the plans. […]

The endorsement also means spurning Hillary Rodham Clinton, who worked hard for, and won, the backing of New York firefighters unions in her 2006 reelection campaign. She won their gratitude on 9/11 health issues, and her first campaign event was a firefighter endorsement in Brooklyn.

Still, how much of a shot does Dodd have against the heavyweights? Not too much, so ultimately this endorsement will fall to Dodd as a thank you for helping firefighters out in the past, but will move to a more likely candidate once Dodd drops out.

Politics Firefighters Endorse Dodd?