How could a party with so much power and momentum go so horribly wrong?

From Sun Times:

During the summer, a female acquaintance of mine in her 70s who had been a faithful Republican was solicited by a GOP cold caller as a previous contributor to the party. Not this time. She informed the fund-raiser that President Bush’s position on immigration was the last straw. She would not give the Republicans another dime — not now, maybe never. So, she told him, “Stop calling me!”
That rebuff, commonplace in today’s Republican fund-raising, puts a human face on the Federal Election Commission’s cold statistics. They show a commanding Democratic lead over Republicans in raising money for the 2008 elections. Such an unusual disparity is at once a symptom and a contributing cause of the melancholy suffusing the Grand Old Party as Congress reconvenes after the August break.

He goes on to list the multiple hits the GOP has taken in the past week…

  1. Larry Craig’s bathroom follies.
  2. The resignation of Sen. John Warner and the inevitability of Dem Mark Warner taking his spot.
  3. Rep. Rick Renzi’s decision to not seek another term in a very competitive district.
  4. Republican governors giving health care to poor children in there state.

That last one is puzzling, but only if you believe in pure conservative philosophy. Novak is an originalist, and so its inclusion.

Nonetheless, all of these taken together paint a dreary one for the GOP. Will anybody be their savior? What candidate can unite them? Is this why there’s a hunger for a Fred Thompson candidacy?

More as it develops…

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