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What The Hell Is Experience Anyway?


When asked to pick between voting for “experience” or “change”, 3 out of 4 voters want change.

However, that’s not the whole story from Gallup:

The results of this forced-choice question were lopsided in favor of “change” — 73% of Democrats said changing the system would be more important to their decision about whom to support, while only 26% opted for “experience.”

A separate question in the poll, on the other hand, suggests that it may not be a matter of “either/or.” When asked how desirable or undesirable certain characteristics would be for the next president to have, an overwhelming 96% of Democrats say it would be desirable to have a candidate who “would bring about change in Washington” as the next chief executive.

Well sure. If you ask people if they want their superhero to have the power to fly and super strength, the answer is going to be obvious. But they don’t necessarily get to pick somebody like that…or do they? I’ll talk about Obama’s supposed lack of experience in a moment.

Some more numbers…

But a majority of Democrats, 59%, still think “a lot of experience in Washington” is a desirable characteristic, while only 11% say it is undesirable and 29% say it doesn’t matter either way.

Okay, so Political Wire says this doesn’t work to Obama’s advantage because of the “experience” gap between him and Hillary, but again I’ll ask “How much more exprience does Hillary have?” Okay, she was First Lady for 8 years…so what? She’s only been a Senator for 6.

Brendan Nyhan has the numbers…

Clinton — six years in the United States Senate;
Edwards — six years in the United States Senate;
Obama — seven years in the Illinois state senate and two years in the United States Senate.

So when Hillary talks about experience, I think we really know what she’s talking about: having Bill Clinton in her back pocket. Because apart from being a political wife for numerous years, she has no substantive legislative experience.

And let’s be honest, could she have gotten elected in New York if she was just some lawyer? No. Hillary is who she is because of Bill, and if that’s the “experience” she’s leveraging it’s ridiculous, transparent and voters are going to eventually see through it.

In fact, I bet you Obama and his camp are counting on just that, as they have already starting talking about how all Hillary really has in the way of experience is being inside the halls of power, knowing how Washington works and little else.

In the end, I think this is why people end up electing governors…