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Disturbing the Hibernation of Uninformed Voters


While discussing the Presidential candidates and party debates with my peers, I find it incredibly frustrating to receive blank stares when I mention names like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, or confused looks when I talk about the Hillary-Obama tiff over dialogue with despots, or the three GOP contenders who claim they don’t believe in evolution.  Perhaps the names of low-pollers or one-off issues aren’t critical to an informed electorate, but I do think they’re indicative of a larger, latent apathy.

Furthermore, while I’m not sure what it will take to shake the politically un-engaged out of their slumber, I am pleased with at least one online resource that gives them an opportunity to expand their voting intelligence, if they choose to take advantage of it.  I’m also intrigued by a new project that’s attempting to take this resource to “the street.”  Learn more.