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Obama On The Experience Gap


If there’s one thing about Hillary’s campaign that bugs me the most, it’s this intellectually dishonest “experience gap” nonsense. That’s why I pointed out a couple days ago that the experience gap between Hillary and Obama was a myth because Obama has been a legislator a lot longer than Hillary. He just hasn’t been a national legislator. Because we all know how attractive a bunch of experience in the US Senate is to the voting public…

Well, looks like the Obama camp has started to fight back against his “inexperienced” label:

“I’ve been in elected office longer than John Edwards or Hillary Clinton,” said Obama. “I’ve passed more bills I’m sure than either of them –certainly in the state legislative level.”

Ahh yes Barack, but you see…Hillary was First Lady for 8 years, so that means she has more experience. She also has a former President behind her, so that means if she gets elected, well, he gets elected and she absorbs all of his experience points.