This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately, especially after he won yet another post-debate poll yesterday.

Seriously, it’s puzzling as to why the public or pundits aren’t taking Paul more seriously. Is it because he doesn’t fit into the mold of what a “conservative” is supposed to be anymore? Is it because his support sprung up from the Internets? What’s the deal?

And while I didn’t watch the debate, post-mortems like this make me wonder if there really is a coordinated effort against Paul…

After watching the debate a second time, I was struck by the deliberate attempt by Fox News to ridicule Ron Paul. Listen to Chris Wallace and Brit Hume asking Dr. Paul questions. There is a blatant note of sarcasm and worse, loud laughing coming through the moderator’s mic. Once the Fox cameras even dropped in a shot of Rudy smirking while Paul was speaking. When they highlighted the exhange between Huckabee and Paul, they cut off Paul’s final response and asserted that Huckabee ‘won’ the debate on that point – Iraq.

And then there’s this video, where Fox News dismisses the results of the poll because Ron Paul supporters were redialing and gaming the vote. The only issue? You can’t redial and vote twice, as this video shows.

Yep, Ron Paul supporters just caught both Hannity and Colmes in a lie. Well, either that or the doltish duo were completely ignorant to how the voting system worked. Either way, it’s bad and should be corrected.

Again, my advice to you Paul supporters is if you want to be taken seriously…don’t try to take the GOP back. They’re lost, and you don’t want any part of that mojo. It’s time for a different way, and you all could start to define it.

Also, while the media can ignore a guy who has 3% in national polls as a second-tier GOP candidate, it would be hard to ignore Paul if he launched an earnest 3rd party bid with the online support he’s currently harnessing. I bet you’d pull 10% of the independents to you almost automatically because of a protest vote.

Anyway, just two cents in a bucket of quarters.

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