I pride myself in the labels “Centrist” and “Moderate.”  But on some issues (one, in particular) I’m increasingly compelled to set those labels aside.

That issue, the one that consistently makes my blood boil, is embryonic stem-cell research or ESCR.  I’m for it.  All the way.  1,000 percent.  And I just can’t bring myself to tolerate those who would dare claim that a clump of cells, in a sterile dish, outside the womb, is human life.   That position drives me bonkers, partly because many of those who make this claim rely on their religion and their “literal” interpretation of the Bible to support it, when (in fact) a “literal” reading of the Bible indicates no such support.

The other reason the anti-ESCR position makes me grind me teeth is the fact that my very own parents cling to the anti-ESCR illusion, even though they know full well that such research could potentially help their oldest grandchild, my son.  This audacity is mind-boggling, clinging as my parents do to a belief that I know they haven’t fully questioned nor considered, while they insist on making a clump of cells the moral equivalent of their own flesh and blood.

In fact,  my frustration on this topic is so intense, I’m starting to have visions of fictional family confrontations, as I explained this morning at the end of a related post at Central Sanity.

I sure hope my membership in the Club of Moderation is not revoked over this issue.  But if it is, so be it.  I will not step back.  I will not cower.  I will not be silent.

Science/Environment Moderation Takes a Holiday