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Hillary Gives Back Hsu’s Bundled Cash


This is big because it basically intimates that the money those San Fran residents living in that shabby house gave Hill could very well be dirty.

From the AP:WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign said Monday it will return $850,000 in donations raised by Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, who is under federal investigation for allegedly violating election laws.

Clinton, D-N.Y., previously had planned only to give to charity $23,000 she received from Hsu for her presidential and senatorial campaigns and to her political action committee, HillPac.

The FBI is investigating whether Hsu paid so-called straw donors to send campaign contributions to Clinton and other candidates, a law enforcement official said Monday.

Regardless of whether it turns out that the Paws’ money was really Hsu’s, giving it back quickly will make this a non issue.

Also, a step above and beyond…

[…] the Clinton campaign also will vigorously review its fundraisers, including thorough criminal background checks, in the future. “In any instances where a source of a bundler’s income is in question, the campaign will take affirmative steps to verify its origin,” he said.

Good thinking.