Good job left-wingers.

By questioning the messenger and trying to discredit him before he had even delivered the message, you actually gave him more credibility in the eyes of nearly everybody who doesn’t share your far left views…that being 75% of the electorate.

See, they don’t like name calling, and they trust the military to give them the straight dope. At least they trust them a hell of a lot more than a group whose sole purpose is to rally the decidedly caustic, one-issue netroots.

So they didn’t think Petraeus was going to “Betray Us”. And by the way, that headline was clever, but only if you’re in 3rd grade. “See, it rhymes! AHAHAHAHA! Call the NY Times…this is the one!”

You also single handedly gave the right-wing a lighting rod to rally around so the focus is off the issue that you wanted to highlight in the first place.

Go home MoveOn. Disband already. Please.

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