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Donklephant Hacked. One Month's Worth Of Content Gone.


All in all I think we got off easy, and I’m working on getting it all restored, but Jake Dahn of Hyperbole Design really helped us out in one of our darkest hours yet. He did what the admins over at Media Temple couldn’t do, and I can’t thank him enough.

So yeah, from September 8 to October 19 is just gone right now. Hopefully we’ll get it back up soon. I’ll know by tomorrow if that’s possible, and if it is we’ll only have lost a few days at most. If not, well, at least we have this. Fingers crossed, though.

Oh, and thanks to Joe Gandelman for posting over at The Moderate Voice about the attack.

More soon…

The blog is going to be quiet for a period of time while we work to get that month’s worth of content back. I should know by Sunday if it’s doable. If not, we’ll just start from here and go without the content. But for now you won’t see many posts today or tomorrow.