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Did Romney Or Huckabee Win Value Voters Straw Poll?


Technically, Romney won the straw poll, but as Politico points out…

[…] it turns out that the 5,775-vote total included thousands of people who had voted online, and could have become eligible by paying as little as $1 to join FRC Action, the legislative action arm of Family Research Council.

Although the audience at the Washington Hilton was not told, the crowd favorite among the 952 attendees who voted in person turned out to be Huckabee by a mile. He got 51 percent of the in-person votes, compared to just 10 percent for Mitt Romney.

This led one rival to suggest the headline, “Romney Win$ Straw Poll.”

This meme hung around Kerry’s neck in 2004 and it’s hanging around Romney’s now. What’s with Massachusetts politicians?

The fallout of all this is it could help vault Huckabee even more into the spotlight. But the more and more I think about it, I really think Huck’s appeal will be severely limited after the 8 years of evangelical politicking the Bush administration has brought us. The only person the social conservatives could tap then who has a shot is Ron Paul, but I don’t know if the mainstream will allow that to happen.

So does this predict bad times for the Repubs in 2008? Well, yes and no. Because there’s always the Hillary factor, and if Dems anoint her the heir apparent look for the Republicans to surge off of Hill’s high negatives. She may ultimately win, but it’ll be a partisan bloodbath and exactly the opposite of what this country needs right now.

Interesting times ahead…