That’s right. The conservative version of Daily Kos just banned all talk of him over at their site.

So why did they take such heavy handed measures? Were they simply just annoyed? Scared? A little bit of both?

Ed Morrissey tries to sort it out…

It’s their community, of course, and they set the rules. However, this doesn’t hurt Paul’s credibility as much as it does Redstate’s. While Paul’s supporters tend towards the annoying and repetitive, they have less impact because we can easily engage them and counter their arguments. Banning them simply for their support for a candidate seems more like an admission that Redstate lacks that ability.

I’m no Paul supporter by any means. However, Paul’s statements can be addressed and rebutted fairly easily, at least those with which I strongly disagree. I don’t fear the commenters nor the debate, even if it does grow tiresome at times. It certainly can’t be any more tiresome than the S-CHIP debate, or the Iraq War debate, or the FISA debate — and I’d have less sympathy for opponents on those issues than the people who support Ron Paul.

Ed gets one thing absolutely right. This hurts Redstate a whole hell of a lot more than Ron Paul. And actually, I think this will only embolden his supporters. My guess is that Redstate could get double the amount of talk about Paul now.

But let me offer a different response for Ron Paul supporters. Abandon Redstate. Don’t give them the traffic or the time. Put that effort into getting your guy elected. It’ll be better for everybody, especially Mr. Paul.

Think about it.

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