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Ron Paul Winning Hearts And Minds In Iowa


Just read on MSNBC about how the GOP is shunning Ron Paul, but he’s picking up the politically independent in Iowa.

I like his thoughts on how to phase out pieces of the welfare state. Not all at once, but doing it in a common sense, gradual manner…

Since most Americans have become accustomed to the welfare state, isn’t ending it the toughest idea to sell to audiences?

“It is,” he acknowledged in an interview before his Ames speech. “It’s really tough — unless the young people listen to what I’m talking about, because the young people know they’re getting ripped off.”

Asked point blank whether he would propose to abolish Medicare, Paul replied, “That’s not my goal. It might be my theoretical goal and my philosophic goal.”

He predicts Medicare will “self-destruct.”

He foresees a transition in which current beneficiaries are paid for, but “young people get out.”

It’s interesting to hear pundits talk as if Paul will want to abolish everything immediately, but if you listen to what he’s actually saying he talks about progress, not perfection, and that makes the Club for Growth’s recent editorial about him all the more laughable. Paul has been in politics too long and he knows what he’d have to do if he were President.

In any event, what does all this building buzz mean for Iowa? Well, just ask Joe Trippi, Dean’s former campaign manager…

Joe Trippi, a 25-year veteran of Iowa caucus politics who served as Howard Dean’s campaign manager in 2003 and who’s now a top aide to Edwards, said, “From what I see, Ron Paul is doing much better than his better-known opponents think he is doing. He is at that stage of the Dean campaign when all the other campaigns are laughing at him and have no idea of how strong he really is.”

Trippi added, “This kind of candidacy can be surprisingly strong in a caucus state particularly if it stays just below the radar.”

Trippi knows all about being below the radar and then rocketing above it immediately. Yet another reason why Paul could be in a better position than Dean in 2004. People are still finding out about him, and the cacuses are still 60 days away. A hell of a lot can change in that time, and if RP hits his $12 million goal for Q4, well, watch out GOP.