Well, they say it will siphon votes from Dems. And while I think they’re right…umm, what about all of the fiscal conservatives? Does the GOP really think they can hang onto those voters with this current crop of candidates?

From Washington Times:

Some Republican activists hope New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will make a third-party run for the presidency — predicting it would siphon votes from the Democrats’ nominee and greatly help the party’s contender next year.

“Ideologically, Bloomberg is much more aligned with the Democrat base than with Republicans,” says Republican direct-mail fundraiser Richard Norman. “The more effective his campaign, the more he spends, the more he hurts the presumptive Democrat nominee, Senator [Hillary Rodham] Clinton.”

A political operative close to the mayor’s operation says New York Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheeky and some top Bloomberg advisers are urging the billionaire mayor to make a bid for the presidency in 2008. Mr. Bloomberg repeatedly has said he will not do so.

If I were Bloomberg, I wouldn’t run if I thought all I’d be was a vote siphon. I’d only run if I thought I could win, and public opinion polls show that he’d have a hell of an uphill battle. Still, if anybody has the resources to do it, it’s Bloomberg.

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