Yep. His goal was $4 million and he only has $2.63 million as of right now.

And while I’ve heard that there’s this “money bomb” coming on November 5th, even that seems as if it’s in doubt. In fact, the site doesn’t list the number of people who are going to pledge on that day, and as Free Market Newspoints out…

With close to 10,000 signs ups, an informal sampling of Ron Paul supporters suggested that perhaps the money bomb effort was bigger than the sign-ups suggested, as not everyone who intended to give funds on November 5th was signing up.

Ron Paul supporters interviewed also suggested that the money bomb site offer a sign up sheet for those who wanted to give $50 or even $25. One Ron Paul supporter suggested for every sign up on the site, there were perhaps two or three supporters who intended to give on November 5th but who hadn’t signed up.

Hmm, yeah. Seems like wishful thinking to me.

So here’s a question: why did the Paul supporters make the money bomb for November 5th? Yeah, yeah, I get the “V for Vendetta” marketing tie, but not hitting that October goal has the potential to be fairly demoralizing for a lot of supporters.

And that begs another question: how deep is Ron Paul’s support? Having been part of the Dean campaign I can tell you that ultimately his support turned out to be very intense, but not very deep. Much like the Roniacs of today, Deaniacs were EXTREMELY vocal and appeared to be much bigger than they actually were. This draws media attention, but not the type of support you need to win a general election.

I guess we’ll see on November 5th.

Meanwhile…TIME has an interesting article called The Ron Paul Revolution.

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