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Who's Being Intellectually Dishonest?

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Norman Podhoretz or Fareed Zakaria?

Note what Podhoretz is saying. Radical Islamic religion makes it impossible for us to deter Iran from trying to destroy the entire world because they don’t believe in self preservation. Now, let’s not forget that Iran doesn’t actually HAVE a nuclear weapon or the means by which to make them. But if they keep trying to possess nuclear capabilities, he argues we should unilaterally go in there and stop them.

Meanwhile, Fareed is explaining that deterrence and trusting that self preservation will lead Iran down a more sensible path can be trusted because it has worked in the past. Personally, I think Fareed is right because if Iran actually launched any sort of attack on Israel, Iran would no longer exist as a country. Israel would nuke it back to the Stone Age, and everybody knows that, including the people of Iran. BUT, if we go in before any strike is even close to being attempted, guess how many radical Muslims we’ll create. Guess how many more Muslims (not just Iranians) will want to bomb Israel who didn’t before.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.