That’s extremely impressive. I think the money bomb exceeded pretty much all expectations.

From Wired:

Supporters of Republican presidential contender Ron Paul rallied Monday and injected almost $4 million into his campaign in just 24 hours, according to campaign fundraising director Jonathan Bydlak.

The campaign reported late Monday that it had received 35,000 donations. The amount looks to be a record number for the time in which it was raised.

So Roniacs, if you did it once, you can do it again. Seriously. There’s a money bomb to be dropped at the end of Q4, so get ready for it.

Here’s more on the organizer of bomb:

ABC News tracked down Trevor Lyman, the man behind the Web site that coordinated Paul’s one-day money bomb on his cell phone in line at a Miami Starbucks, where the whir of the barista making his lunchtime latte could be heard in the background.

Lyman, 37, is not your average political fundraiser. His day job is running a music promotion Web site, but he spends his free time at the helm of the grassroots Web site that conspired in online chat forums and meetup groups to send a fundraising bomb in support of Paul.

But Lyman, who has never worked for a campaign before — and still doesn’t, technically — describes himself as “mostly apathetic” when it comes to politics, started supporting Paul back when the congressman was just exploring a presidential run.

Again, very impressive and if you all start now you can organize another one of these by the end of Q4 and really shock the world.

Remember, remember…

A commenter writes:

The Dec. 16th Boston Tea Party money bomb will dwarf this one — I bet we get $10 mil from it.

There are smaller ones planned in-between, the next one is Nov 11th, Veterans’ Day.

I think it’ll be much more likely that you’ll dwarf this one if it gets a ton of media coverage, which I can’t help but think it will.

ABC said RP raised $4.3 million. said he raised $4 million. The campaign said he raised $3.8 million.

Ummm, who’s right?

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