Andrew Sullivan exalts “Ron Paul’s Triumph.”

Ross Douthat talks about the “The Ron Paul Phenomenon.”

The New York Times reports that Ron Paul Raises More Than $4 Million in One Day.”

National Review’s David Freddoso claims “The Paul-Bearers Carry On.”

Glenn Greenwald calls the Roniac’s record “significant” and “extraordinary.”

Soren Dayton asks “What is the Paul Bomb?” and absolutely answers the question wrong by suggesting that Ron Paul supporters are merely protest voters. Heh. Okay.

Politico tries to figure out “Paul’s Haul” and Chris Ciilzza similarly attempts a discussion about “Understanding Paul’s Haul.”

McQ over at QandO asks us to “Consider This…”

Captain Ed cautions Republicans to remember, remember the Libertarians in November.

And lastly, ABC News wonders “Who Are Ron Paul’s Donors?”

So, who are you people anyway? 😀

David Frum thinks he knows who you people are when he says, “As third-party candidates go, Ron Paul is Nader, not Perot.”

David, I can assure you that while Paul has drawn anti-war Dems, they’ll have a hard time ultimately stomaching his strict constitutionalist views. In my experience, Ron Paul’s base is mostly made up of Libertarians who’ve been voting for Republicans who claim to be fiscally responsible, but now they’re hearing somebody who actually sounds like he’ll be responsible, both with their wallets and their lives, and they’re responding to that in historic numbers.

In short, not all Republicans are social conservatives or war hawks, and you’d do well to take note.

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