That’s the latest from a poll conducted by USA Today and Gallup.

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While 46% of those surveyed say military action should be taken either now or if diplomacy fails, 45% rule it out in any case. Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to endorse taking military steps.

“If you had more follow-on questions — on what if the military action was unilateral, (for instance) — then support would tend to diminish,” says Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland. “But it does indicate that approximately half of Americans are concerned enough that they would at least seriously consider it, and that’s worth noting.”

So why are people willing to attack another country?

Tough talk from President Bush and Vice President Cheney about Iran’s nuclear program seems to have generated concern about a potential threat and alarm about the prospect for premature U.S. military action.

Yep, when you beat the war drums, people respond. But if you do notice, 45% would NEVER go to war with them. That’s a big number and one that will most likely not change.

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