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Giuliani's Kerik Non-Problem


Rudy recommended “America’s Cop” for the top job when the Department of Homeland Security first opened shop. Bush nominated him, but Bernie’s past soon caught up with him and he withdrew. Now we know why. He was just indicted.

From NY Times:

The grand jury voted to indict Mr. Kerik on conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, and substantive counts of wire and mail fraud, under a statute often used in corruption cases, according to people briefed on the vote. The panel also voted to charge him with lying on a mortgage application and his homeland security application and with several counts of tax fraud.

Democrats and rival campaigns are already looking at the indictment as a way to call Mr. Giuliani’s judgment into question, and to try to cloud his reputation in areas in which he is seen as strong: on fighting crime and corruption.

That was apparent after Mr. Giuliani held a question-and-answer session with students here Thursday afternoon at Iowa State University: as the crowd left the hall, they were greeted by a man in a suit and a Giuliani mask holding aloft a sign that read “Free Bernie Kerik!”

So it stands to reason that this does not bode well for Giuliani’s credibility, right? Well…will it really matter to anybody who wants him to run because he’s “America’s Mayor?” Especially if it becomes apparent that Rudy is the only guy who has a chance at carrying the GOP to victory? I obviously think the answer to both is “no” because ultimately people want to win.