Yep, if he doesn’t win the highly skewed GOP nomination, he’s not going to keep going.

That’s a shame:

DURHAM, N.H. — Texas Congressman Ron Paul said he is “not interested” in a third party run for president if he is unable to win the Republican presidential nomination next year.

“I have no intention of doing that,” Paul told local reporters. “This country is not very democratic and only allows for two parties.”

In 1988, Paul ran for president as the nominee for the Libertarian Party. He said that experience showed him a third party run would be futile.

Yeah, um, did he have ANY support back then? Does he not understand what $4.3 million in one day means?

And to that point…

If his campaign had taken place in the pre-Internet era, it might have gone the way of his 1988 Libertarian campaign for president, as a footnote to history. But because of the Internet’s low-cost ability to connect grass-roots supporters with one another — in this case, largely iconoclastic white men — Mr. Paul’s once-solo quest has taken on a life of its own. It is evolving from a figment of cyberspace into a traditional campaign, with yard signs, direct mail and old-fashioned rallies, like one here on Saturday attended by a few thousand people under cold, gray skies. Mr. Paul said it was his biggest rally so far. He said it proved his campaign was more than “a few spammers” and called it a “gigantic opportunity” to establish credibility.

Folks, maybe he isn’t ready to be Prez. Seriously. If he’s going to give up on all of you so easily maybe he doesn’t deserve your support either.

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