It’s funny because it’s true.

From The Onion:

The U.S. populace, which has participated in every national election since 1789, said that while the decision to abandon next year’s race was difficult, recent events, such as disappointing victories by both Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani in regional straw polls, left them with no real choice.

“We gave it our best shot, and for a while it seemed like the American people actually had a chance of coming out on top,” Weare, NH resident Mark Simmons said at a press conference in front of his suburban home. “Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to remain optimistic, it’s become clear that this just isn’t our year.”

Added Simmons: “Maybe you’ll see us again in 2012.”

Yep, I’m just about there too. Because unless somebody throws together a 3rd party run, it’s going to be hard to muster much enthusiasm for the heir-apparents on both sides. Especially when the GOPers sound just like Bush and the Dems sound so wishy-washy.


By the way, I don’t count Ron Paul as a GOPer. He’s special 🙂

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