The war drums just started getting a little quieter.

From US News:

In a report sure to further complicate the U.S.-led drive for additional sanctions against Iran, the atomic watchdog agency of the United Nations has given Iran relatively good marks for its recent cooperation in clearing up suspicions over past nuclear work. […]

The IAEA said it had been “able to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran.” However, the agency warned that its understanding of Iran’s current nuclear operations “is diminishing” because of Tehran’s earlier decision not to follow a separate IAEA protocol that would permit more extensive inspections.

Good? Well, sure, but they’ve some ways to go…

The Vienna-based agency also termed Iran’s cooperation “reactive rather than proactive” and said the probe of Tehran’s once secret nuclear history would continue. Also worrisome: Media reports suggest that Tehran recently denied IAEA requests to interview at least two Iranians about their nuclear work. That raises concern within the Bush administration that IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who has suggested that it is unrealistic to bar Iran from uranium enrichment, is too eager to put a positive spin on Iran’s cooperation.

Hmm, ElBaradei wants to put a positive spin on Iran’s cooperation…sounds quite similar to what Bush and company said about Hans Blix, doesn’t it?

People, if they’re cooperating, they’re cooperating. It seems that when Bush wants to get nuanced, he’ll get nuanced, especially when it comes to preemption. But in case he doesn’t realize, virtually nobody trusts him with the finer points of diplomacy.

Overall, I think this is good news, but I guess we’ll see what comes of it. More war talk? Less? What do you think?

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