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Obama's Attacks Hurt Hillary In Iowa


It’s interesting. He goes on the offensive and then he’s seen as more credible by 2 to 1. Huh…

He’s also pulling ahead of Hill in polls of likely voters, while technically still being tied for first with her and Edwards when you factor in the margin of error.

From Wash Post:

Iowa Democrats are tilting toward change, and Obama appears to be benefiting from it.

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed reported that a “new direction and new ideas” are their top priority, compared with 33 percent who favored “strength and experience.” That is a shift from July, when 49 percent sought change and 39 percent experience.

Nationally, Clinton is viewed as a candidate of change, with support from 41 percent of Democrats seeking a new direction in a recent Post-ABC poll. But in Iowa, Obama dominates the “change” vote, winning 43 percent of that group, compared with 25 percent for Edwards and 17 percent for Clinton.

One thing’s for sure, Hillary is not a change candidate. I don’t care what the polls say. She may be a change for Bush, but not from the same old political, back slapping network. And I have to wonder if Dems are ultimately going to be comfortable with somebody who talks about “experience” because what it may sound like she’s saying “status quo” instead.

Still, she’s hammering Obama in every other state, but remember Kerry in 2004. He was running behind Dean in nearly every state and then he took Iowa. Overnight the polls changed and Dean’s lead vanished in one state after another.

Hillary is of course no Dean, and she’s going to have a much better organizational structure than he did. However, Obama has a formidable structure too.

One last note, TPM points out a biggie…

Key fact: Obama is running even with Hillary among Iowa women, 32%-31%.

It’s going to be interesting to watch.