Ron Paul?

Yep, it looks like the campaign wants money sooner rather than later, so they asked the guy who set up the Nov 5th money bomb to move the Dec 16th event to Nov 30th. However, there’s still going to be a money bomb on Dec 16th?

Bad move.

From Free Market News:

Ron Paul “Money Bomb” creator Trevor Lyman is said to be grateful, humble and somewhat “confused” about what to do next, given that the campaign of presidential candidate Ron Paul has issued a letter asking supporters to donate now rather than later. […]

The Ron Paul campaign wants dollars now, to pay for ads and other necessary items. Sources told FMNN, Lyman was trying to figure out whether he could move up the date of the latest money bomb, now scheduled to hit on December 16th. While FMNN had heard Lyman would take “a week” to mull over the issue, he has apparently moved quickly to set up another site – seemingly launching it yesterday in the early afternoon – to which supporters can contribute.

So why is this a bad move? Because Ron Paul’s campaign is now trying to control its supporters. Thankfully this one felt obliged and honored he was asked to do so. But that may not always be the case.

Plus, why jack with the Dec 16th date? The campaign could have announced on his site a 7-day pledge drive to raise a bunch of money before the end of the month. But it didn’t. And I bet now a lot of his supporters will be confused. Sure, the word will spread among the faithful, but what about the newbies?

I wonder if they’re going to start asking supporters to behave themselves in comment threads now too…

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