A new poll suggests that if the popular moderate Evan Bayh is on the ticket, Indiana could turn just purple enough to register blue.

From IndyStar:

Growing discontent among Indiana voters shows up clearly in views on next year’s presidential race: Forty-seven percent said they anticipate voting for the Democratic presidential candidate if Bayh is on the ticket, compared with 33 percent who said they anticipate voting for the GOP candidate. […]

The presidential race becomes closer when Bayh is taken out of the equation, with the outcome hanging in the hands of the nearly one-third of voters who said they remain undecided. About half of them said their votes would depend on who the candidates are.

Without specific candidates to back, 37 percent said they anticipate voting for the Democratic nominee, compared with 32 percent who anticipate voting for the Republican.

Byah would be a very safe VP candidate, but the knock against him is he’s just, well, safe. Not a very charismatic guy in the long run, but is that such a bad thing after Cheney? Probably not. In any event, I think if Hillary gets the nod Byah makes a lot of sense because she’ll need his milquetoast likeability to off set her potential negatives.

However, if Barack gets it, Bayh would be a nice story because of the whole neighboring state thing, but that’s about it. I think Barack might need the help of an Older White Guyâ„¢ versed in foreign policy to help persuade swing voters that he “gets it” when it comes to the world stage. That could certainly be a Dodd or a Biden or even a Richardson. In short, he may need a Cheney.

What do you think?

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