Yes, I’m serious. They need to raise $350,000 and they already have over $200K.

Holy f**king s**t…

We have researched three airship/blimp companies and believe that we have found the best short term deal with an option to extend.

Two of the three airship companies we contacted had 3-12 month minimum contracts at a range of $225-$350K a month for various different features and blimps. Many airships only seat 3-9 people plus the pilots.

We contacted Airship Management Services and the president/owner, Mr. George Spyrou, enthusiastically returned our call and turns out to be a supporter of Ron Paul and wants to help us spread the word!

So, after much research on these companies we have settled on the Skyship 600 from Airship Management Services as the best airship for the Ron Paul grassroots supporters. Sporting a 12 seat gondola w/restroom and 2 porsche engines the SKYSHIP 600 measuring in at over 190 feet long & 60 feet tall is sure to grab the imagination and awe of all who lay their eyes upon it!! It also happens to be one of the largest airships in the world!! Nearly 2/3’s of a football field and almost as long as Boeing 747 this is the world’s largest flying billboard and can be seen from over 3 miles away!

And, of course, here’s a video.

It’s going to be tough to raise another $150K in time to get this thing in the air by December 16th’s Tea Party money bomb, but I’ve learned that you never underestimate Ron Paul supporters.

So, seriously, you all don’t want to wage a third party run? Really?

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